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Safety Labels

SM Label - Security Label

SM Label

SM Labels: high safety labels with microchip

The Security Microchip Label (SM Label) is a new technological label that, thanks to a patented internal microchip, guarantees the 100% originality of the product.

MS Label has been designed incorporating specific technologies at the forefront of security labels: security adhesive material, OVI inks - (Optical Variable Inks), patented microchip inserted into the BTC to make it unique and not reproducible.

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Optical Variable Ink Security Adhesive Labels

Adhesive label with O.V.I. inks

Self adhesive Labels with security ink

Special inks made with pigments that give one colour or another depending on the visual angle, guaranteeing multi-level security.

The first security level consists in a non ambiguous, simple change of colour seen by the public by changing the angle of visualization.

The second level is reserved to those appointed to verify the authenticity of the label, at sales points, customs, etc. This check is carried out by means of an optical filter and consists of a polarization effect of the light which is visible even in conditions of scarce illumination.

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Security Adhesive Labels with microscript

Adhesive labels with microscript

This adhesive labels can be visibile or invisible

The former offers the possibility of inserting a complex security design into the label graphics, which is impossible to reproduce, such as personalized webbing, ad hoc backgrounds with precise lines generated by mathematical formulas, decorative graphics also of minute dimensions, etc.

The latter can be obtained using a computer programme that can generate randomised micro codes invisible to the naked eye, which can be embedded into any text file or four-colour graphics by means of normal printing processes and standards inks.

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Self adhesive Labels with Holograms

Self adhesive labels with holograms

Self adhesive labels impossible to reproduce or counterfeit

Two or three dimensional images, “thrown” into the iris of the rainbow, featuring a sense of depth.

Natural or personalised, they are invested by a turbine of colours created by the meeting between the engraved surface and the ray of light.

Without the holographic master, it is practically impossible to reproduce an identical copy of an original hologram, without extremely high costs which make counterfeiting economically inconvenient.

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Void Adhesive Label

Void adhesive label

Self adhesive Labels made with Void material

In the case of removal, it leaves a part of its own colouring on the product, marking the protected product with the standard word “Void”.

Even if the wording deposited on the product is covered by the repositioning of the label, the same alarm word would appear in negative.

The front is available in white, transparent, gloss or matt silver, or with a hologram that is difficult to falsify.

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Ultra destructible adhesive label

Ultra destructible label

Self adhesive labels made with ultra destructible material

Ultra destructible label is so called because if one attempts to remove it, it will break up into minute fragments; it is therefore absolutely impossible to remove.

NB: Printing and application tests must be carried out.

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Thermo sensible labels

Heat sensitive labels

Self adhesive thermo sensible labels that thermo retracts if you try to heat it

Heat sensitive labels are strongly adhesive and if removed will tear the cardboard, and the tampering will be evident.

One of the most frequently used methods to fraudulently remove a security label is to heat the surface with a simple hair dryer to make the adhesive more "liquid" and reduce the hold capacity to zero. In this case the heat sensitive label will shrink, making the tampering evident and destroying the label.

NB: Printing and application tests must be carried out.

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