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Special Labels

Pure label: antibacterial label

Pure label

Antibacterical adhesive labels

The antibacterial label made by Sales prevents the growth and proliferation of bacteria on its surface.

The key element is an anti-microbial agent which is applied on the surface of the self-adhesive label through a special paint.

Any bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, once in contact with the anti-microbial agent and the silver ions released from it, are 99,9% destroyed.

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Adhesive label for food and beverage

Adhesive labels for food and beverage

Labels for food

Self-adhesive labels on food products must meet specific requirements related to the preservation of the food and regulations.

Labels for food products must also be particularly resistant and use certain types of inks for maintaining basic data such as the name of the product, the company's data, the geographical origin and nutritional values.

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