Open & Re-closing system: Strip-it

Strip-it is the open & close system for all packaging in flexible material

Combining the experience gained in the two main graphics and paper production departments, we have developed and patented this device which represents nothing less than a revolution compared to all the systems at present on the market.

Versions available

  • Strip-it: device to open and re-close envelopes and containers of flexible material.
  • Strip-it easy open: opening device for envelopes and containers of flexible material.
  • Strip-it is cheap, functional and versatile, suitable for any packaging of flexib/le material that has to be used many times from customerevitare la dispersione del prodotto.

Strip-it is inexpensive, practical and versatile, and it adapts to any flexible container that must be used more than once by the final consumer.

How to use

The strip-it system, patented by sales s.P.A., is composed of two tags outside the envelope or flexible container; when the first tag is pulled, an opening is created along the pre-established length, with reinforced edges; by pulling the second tag, an adhesive surface is revealed.

To take the product from the envelope or container, it is no longer necessary to use scissors or to tear the envelope or container, but to simply pull the tag which will produce a long, clean opening: it can also be more simply re-closed, by folding the upper edge of the envelope onto the matching adhesive surface below.

Open close system for envelopes and bags

Application on the packaging line

The system created by sales spa is used for heat welding on film, used for the production of the bag, immediately before being filled and closed.

The application requires the simple installation of a tape distributor and applicator on the customer’s packaging line, without altering the performance of the production line.