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RFId Technology Labels

RFId Technology Adhesive Labels

Sales produces Tag RFID on self-adhesive support and realizes projects using radiofrequency technology to automatic identification.

We work in supply chain with other two companies for supply of inlay RFID (chip+antenna), of hardware and for integration with clients software.

This choice let us differentiate for our operating flexibility  and our strong  customer centred/focused approach.  RFID  Self-adhesive labels allow a close monitoring of the flow of products and materials in the production and distribution processes, which is reflected in an increase traceability and safety. 

RFID technology is ideal for managing the traceability of products and anti-theft system, as it can transmit at distances up to 30 meters the product data. 

Products used for radiofrequency and application fields for RFId self-adhesive labels:     

  • Inductive TAG HF (application in ticketing, traceability, banking, badge, against shoplifting, library, against falsification, and food- traceability)    
  • Electromagnetic TAG UHF (automation, automation of processing, automatic stock room, baggage check up, traceability of clothes/ valuables) 

Sales also produces self-adhesive labels to RFID technology using the standard NFC (with data rates up to 424 kbps), which allows the exchange of information between readers extending the standard.