Planning self adhesive labels

Sales spa thanks to a well-experienced r&d departement offers its clients the possibility of developing new projects. We engage finding suitable solution for our clients necessities and realizing feasibility studies for each products.

Pre-press division

A fully equipped department that handles all types of goods on electronic format for the reproduction of blueprints, matrix for silk-screen, typographic and flexographic printings.

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art ctp embossing laser and a thermal developer to ensure the best printing quality possible. Our technicians use dedicated software in order to give our customers the maximum flexibility to make changes until the very last moment.

Printing technology

Sales spa offers a wide range of self-adhesive labels produced with the most advanced printing techniques and combined with each other on the same line.

  • Flat and rotary typographic printing
  • Rotary flexographic printing
  • Flat and rotary silk-screen printing   
  • Flat and rotary hot foil printing
  • Rotary cold foil printing
  • Ink-jet printing for variable datas
  • Offset printing

We are specialized in producing special colours, our experts use dedicated technologies and software.

Print control system

Control systems

On our printing lines are present both on line and video control systems that help the solution of mistakes in the lowest time.

We check up 100% of labels that we produce thanks to innovative technology according to finat statements.

Our tests aim to estimate colors, in order to guarantee that printing is enter the limit of the prearranged gap, to check bar code reading, to control luminescence, to verify obsolescence of materials and colors by a simulation of labels life in a climatic room; we guarantee that colors of labels will last with the use of packaging.

We verify the performance and quality standard of self-adhesive materials that we buy from our paper mills.