Switch to our CARBON NEUTRAL line for your logistics labels

Neutral labels for logistics use supplied on

Carbon Neutral certified

papers that allow for lower emissions compared to standard labels due to the smarter use and choice of natural resources in product design. The materials for these labels come from sustainably managed FSCā„¢ certified forests. The range uses less raw materials, energy and water and generates less waste during its life cycle than standard neutral labels.


Increase productivity, reduce waste and promote sustainability | Go Linerless

Our new silicone-free, FSC-certified, phenol-free direct thermal (DT) linerless labels have up to 60% more labels per roll and fewer roll changes.

Higher productivity and a significantly reduced carbon footprint, certified by Carbon Trust, due to the use of less material and less transport.

Linerless labels vs. direct thermal paper labels with backing paper

Volume: 1 million sqm
Region: Europe
Date: April 6, 2023
Calculations are valid for one year after date of being published.
Results should not be used for direct comparisons with products from other companies.

Key benefits:

  • Up to 60% more labels per reel
  • Fewer reel changes
  • Increased print autonomy
  • Zero die-cut or stencil waste = savings in waste disposal
  • Reduced supply chain costs: 40% less weight and fewer rolls to ship
  • Ability to print, cut and apply variable length labels in end-user printers.
  • Increased safety: no risk of slipping due to backing paper on the floor.