Cosmetics & Personal Care

When first impressions really matter you need brilliant labels for your cosmetics!
We combine aesthetics and know-how to convey your message and make them stand out on the shelf. True beauty is always on the inside, but when it comes to printing labels for cosmetics, the outside must make the difference.


Perfumes & Luxury

Add Style to Your Brand!

Designed to add a touch of class and sophistication to your high-end products. With premium materials and customised designs, our labels capture the essence of your brand, taking it to the next level.
Choose from a wide range of luxurious finishes and high-quality printed details to reflect the elegance of your products.
Give your brand a strong identity and turn your label into the hallmark that makes a lasting impression in the hearts of your customers.


Your pharmaceutical labels are safe with us
We have highly qualified personnel to work in the pharmaceutical labelling industry. Our team is specially trained following strict quality protocols and uses dedicated workflows and procedures.
We offer multilingual support and provide a wide range of standard and customised products to meet your pharmaceutical labelling needs.


Elegance meets customisation
The aim is to embellish your bottles and make your brand stand out. From classic and sophisticated to modern and bold labels, you will find the perfect solution for every type of bottle: glass, plastic, aluminum? You name it!
Enhance your production with unique designs and high-quality materials, ensuring a lasting impression on your customers, adding a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your product.


Personalise, Inform and Win Customers
In your world, personalisation meets information. Our labels are the ideal solution to distinguish your products, capture the attention of consumers and convey important information in a clear and appealing way.
Designs, shapes and sizes to perfectly fit your packaging, adding value to your brand and ensuring compliance with regulations.
Combining nutritional information, food safety, creative branding, customisation, convenience and efficient logistics: this is what we do with you, adding a personal touch.


HomeCare & Chamicals

Durable, vibrant and informative
Labels designed to capture customers’ attention, ensure safety and provide clear information about your products.
Choose from a wide range of durable materials that meet legal requirements and enhance your brand in the marketplace.


Automotive & Industrial

Perfect Solutions for Organisation and Efficiency
Labels designed to perform in all weather and humidity conditions, from a container crossing an ocean to a car battery or the uneven surface of a tyre. Durable materials and state-of-the-art technology ensure flawless organisation, product traceability and increased operational efficiency.
Discover the perfect solutions for your business, our industrial labels are tougher than the harshest conditions.


Simplicity in Organisation and Shipping
Simple, functional and highly efficient, our self-adhesive labels are the ideal solution to improve organisation and speed up the shipping process of your products.
Optimise your warehouse management, track your goods accurately and reduce errors during packing and distribution. Whether you run a small online shop or a large logistics company, our self-adhesive labels fit your needs perfectly. And they can be Carbon Neutral Certified.

Soluzioni sostenibili / Effetti speciali e nobilitazioni / Multistrato, Pelabili, Multipagina, Booklet / Smart Labels & RFID/NFC / Protezione, Sicurezza, Anticontraffazione e Antieffrazione / Squeezable, Comprimibili e Tubo laminato / Biadesivi e Scratch Off / Neutre & Linerless / Compostabili per frutta e verdura