social and
enviromental responsability

B Corp: Business as a positive force

We have been a B Corp since 2018 and are part of a global movement of companies that have passed rigorous standards defined in the B Impact Assessment.
Our goal, besides profit, is to turn business into a positive force, creating a beneficial impact on people and the environment. We operate responsibly, sustainably and transparently.
We are committed to building a new economic and social paradigm.

B Corps are companies that together form a global movement to spread a more evolved business paradigm. Around the world, certified B Corps stand out in the marketplace from all others because they go beyond the profit motive and continuously innovate to maximize their positive impact toward employees, the communities in which they operate, the environment, and all stakeholders. B Corp voluntarily and formally chooses to simultaneously produce social and environmental benefits while achieving its profit results. Present in 150 industries and more than 70 countries, the B Corp movement has one goal: to redefine a new business paradigm that is appropriate for our times, practical and replicable. The thousands of B Corp’s, and all the companies that use its tools, represent a concrete, positive and scalable solution that creates value for both shareholders and all stakeholders.

A company with a positive impact

Sales is also a Benefit Company, which means that its main objective is to create value for both shareholders and all other stakeholders.
The aim is to promote positive competition between companies, evaluating them not only according to their financial results, but also according to their positive impact on society and the environment.
The directors and management are responsible for ensuring that activities are directed towards a positive impact and that the goals of benefit to the community, stated in the articles of association, are achieved.

Our Impact Report 2022

It is with great satisfaction and emotion that we present this report, testifying to the work we are doing, so that it can be an inspiration and example to those who are looking for a new industrial and production model that is better for companies, for the community in which we live and for our planet.

Domenico Tessera Chiesa,
Sole Administrator

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100% energy from renewable sources with fully offset CO2 + 200 KW of photovoltaics

Mobility with electric or hybrid company cars

Printing with water-based inks without the use of solvents

LED production and office lighting

100% use of FSC-certified papers without chemical brighteners

We are part of the Kyoto Club and one of the Green Heroes chronicled in Alessandro Gassmann's book

100% recycling of paper production waste

100% recycling of packaging film waste thanks to the project Re.wind

100% use of 70% R-PET reinforcement tape from PCR (Post Consumer Resin) recycling

Commitment to climate neutrality by 2030 signed at COP25

100% collection and sending for recycling of silicon paper scraps

packaging ecosostenibile

Impatto zero

100% di energia rinnovabile con CO2 compensata

senza solventi

Stampa con inchiostri base acqua senza uso di solventi

carte certificate

100% di utilizzo di carte certificate FSC senza sbiancanti chimici

riciclo degli scarti

100% di riciclo degli scarti di produzione in carta e film

Passa alla nostra linea CARBON NEUTRAL per le tue etichette logistiche

Etichette neutre per uso logistico fornite su carte certificate Carbon Neutral che consentono prestazioni superiori in termini di emissioni rispetto alle etichette standard grazie all’uso e alla scelta più intelligenti di risorse naturali nel design del prodotto. I materiali per queste etichette provengono da foreste certificate FSC™ gestite in modo sostenibile. La gamma utilizza meno materie prime, energia e acqua e genera meno scarti durante il suo ciclo di vita rispetto alle etichette neutre standard.

sostenibilità certificata