Thermochromic Labels

Thermochromic Self adhesive Labels

No thermometer? Thermocromic Labels will help you!

Thermochromic label

Many foodstuffs or pharmaceutical materials need to be stored with a temperature not higher to a certain limit. Respecting this conditions is hard especially by products storing.

Customer has no possibility to know and estimate if this temperature conditions have been respected, especially in case of pharmaceuticals: neither taste, smell nor appearance could help him by evaluation.

To compensate this lack we realized a label that can immediately evidence the temperature conditions of storing, warning the customer. It is a common self-adhesive label, produced using materials completely “solvent free”, where in addition to the text is printed the highest temperature of storing, evidenced by a circle. The circle is surrounded by the text “WARNING! CHECK STORING TEMPERATURE”.

Over the circle with the indications about ideal temperature is another circle printed with colors containing particular pigments. The background of this second circle hides the code indicating the first circle indicating ideal temperature of storing. The pigments of the second circle’s background can change when the product is stored with temperature higher than the temperature indicated in the first circle. The pigments would get a transparent color so they can evidence the improper storing of products.

As the condition of temperature are rectified, the pigment will get back to the original color hiding the code of first circle; this is possible thanks to a special quality of this label’s pigments. If the pharmaceutical products would have this label the customer could control the condition of storing, even without the help of a thermometer!

The thermochromic label can be applied on each product or goods that should be stored to a certain temperature. Changing the type of pigment in Ink to obtain a reversal with different temperatures