SALES Srl | Benefit Society B Corp

12 November 2023

Our being SALES Srl | Benefit Society B Corp means an ongoing commitment to a new balance between vocation and profit.

We use 100% FSC Italy certified papers to ensure that our products come from responsibly managed forests.

There are three benefits:

-Environmental – FSC standards include protection of water quality, prohibit the cutting of old forests, prevent the loss of natural forest cover and prohibit the use of highly toxic chemicals.

-Economic – Green building standards provide incentives for the use of FSC-certified building materials.

-Social – FSC requires forest managers, on both public and private lands, to involve members of local communities in decision-making processes and to protect the rights of indigenous peoples, thus ensuring that their voices are an integral part of the certification process.

This is another step in our journey to ensure the well-being of people and the planet.