New B2B E-commerce

17 November 2023

New B2B e-commerce dedicated to sustainable paper packaging: a turning point towards an eco-friendly future!

I am excited to announce the launch of our brand new e-commerce, dedicated exclusively to sustainable paper packaging! In a world where environmental impact is a major concern, we are proud to offer a solution that combines innovation, functionality and eco-sustainability.

It is a B2B shop, exclusively dedicated to companies, which will be able to purchase directly from Texso Packaging, a division of SALES Srl | Benefit Society, a wide range of packaging options made entirely from recyclable paper and from sustainable sources.

As a #bcorporation, we want you to make an informed choice, buying responsibly and helping to reduce your environmental impact through your packaging.

We are excited to share this new adventure with you and work together to create a better world through sustainable paper packaging. We invite you to visit our website and explore all the options we have to offer. Together, we can make a difference!