Versatile bags

17 November 2023

Discover the versatile bags from Texso Packaging!

Our bags made of food-grade paper are perfect for holding small items and small parts.
They are ideal both in the brown and white version for a classic look, and in the coloured versions for a lively touch.

Why choose Texso?

-Versatility and customisation: Each Texso product can be customised in terms of print, format and details. The result?

-A unique and recognisable packaging that reflects the brand identity

-Quality and safety: bags made from food-grade paper
guarantee the safety of the material and the protection of the wrapped item.

-Social and Environmental Responsibility: by choosing Texso, you choose a Benefit and B Corp company that is actively committed to the environment and society.

Shipping throughout Italy in 24/72 hours, free for orders over €400.

Discover the details of our bags and order directly online or request a quote.