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The first brand. We are an innovative start-up with 137 years of history.


The first factory at 25 Via Madama Cristina in Turin.


Plant construction at 5 Via Chivasso in Rivoli.


Factory expansion at 5 Via Chivasso in Rivoli.


Expansion of the new factory at 86 Via Ferrero in Rivoli.


Sales today.

Innovation and tradition, since 1886

Since 1886, SALES has been Europe’s leading manufacturer of self-adhesive labels and paper packaging.
Great specialisation in alternative materials, from recycled to Bio-Based sources, with the aim of offering customers increasingly sustainable packaging solutions, while maintaining technical, functional and graphic characteristics.
Each product is designed and created to protect the environment and people, combining innovation and attention to sustainability.


Sales was founded in 1886 in a small premises in Via Madama Cristina in Turin, starting out with the production of paper tags and envelopes. At the time, although the company was already equipped with automatic and innovative machinery, considerable skilled labour was required to carry out the numbering and string application work, activities that still had to be done by hand. The first customers were mills, textile manufacturers and the fledgling industries of the time, which were beginning to need more and more packaging material.


In the early 1900s, the company specialised further by producing reinforced paper envelopes, which is still one of the main activities of the envelope department today.


1959 was the breakthrough year from a production point of view because it was possible to produce the first self-adhesive labels on a reel, making Sales one of the very first in Europe to be able to make use of such advanced technology for those years.

1970 – 1980

In the 1970s and 1980s, the company developed and structured itself, creating another important innovation: the padded envelope, a product that was destined to become a worldwide standard.


In 1996 Sales obtained ISO 9001 quality certification.


1997 also saw the launch of the Rambloc®-brand reinforced replacement and notepad, which in just a few years gained an important place in the paper market.


In the 2000s, a second plant was established, along with the two divisions of graphics and converting that the company consists of today.


In 2002 Sales obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification and began a virtuous path that led to FSC certification in 2009.


In 2013, SILK printing was introduced for the first time in Italy, a screen printing process capable of ennobling the label using a completely digital technique. In addition to this, we develop the technology to produce booklet and multipage labels.


In 2018 Sales achieved B Corp certification, the first company of its kind in Europe.


In 2020, the Rambloc-Protect personal and environmental care product line is created. In the same year, Sales becomes the first Benefit Company in its sector.


In 2021 Sales won the ECOPACK 2021 award organised by CONAI in the e-commerce category with the E|Pad padded paper envelope.


In 2022, the book written by Alessandro Gassmann ‘Me and the #Green Heroes’ comes out, in which, among many virtuous companies, the story of Sales is told. Sales is certified ECOVADIS.


In 2023, the new Texso Packaging catalogue is presented and the first B2B Market Place from producer to user, without intermediaries, is launched.