Security is serious matter

Anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering labels and seals with sophisticated identification elements such as special security inks, serialisation and invisible codes, watermarked papers, holograms, micro-printing and special printing techniques.

We can put together multiple security elements and all your customised requests are more than welcome.

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Numbering and Serialisation | VOID | Anti-Tampering



detectable Wood, invisible, thermochromic, fluorescent, magnetic



A powerful tool to protect products and documents from illicit duplication and to provide consumers with a sign of authenticity and security.

A hologram is a photographic reproduction of a three-dimensional object, and its appearance changes depending on the viewing angle. This makes holographic labels extremely difficult to counterfeit, as it would require the ability to replicate the three-dimensional image in detail, including the effects of light and shadow.

We specialise in printing holographic labels for various sectors to protect products from counterfeiting and forgery

Standard prismatic holograms

2D or 3D holograms

Customised and unique complex holograms


The one and only Paper-Made Burglar-proof security seal for parcels and envelopes

Customisable product

A concentrate of technology to guarantee your customers absolute inviolability of the packaging until it is delivered into their hands.

  • made of FSC paper for complete packaging disposal and recycling
  • special quick-setting adhesive
  • anti-abrasion slits
  • customisable with your brand
  • available with security hologram and/or sequential numbers
  • inviolable seal right up to your customer’s hands